Ehren Cahill is a west coast native that somehow found himself in the middle of Hartford, Connecticut. He recently graduated from University of Hartford with his Masters in Business Administration. With family roots in New England, he left Oregon to work in retail and personal styling with Nordstrom and soon found himself engaged with his new community through fitness, education, and entrepreneurial opportunity.

Ehren grew up in McMinnville, Oregon–the heart of wine country in the Willamette Valley–to winemaker James Cahill and hairdresser Marie Cahill. He attended the Sheridan Japanese School and graduated from McMinnville High School at age 16 where he participated in both Choir and Jazz choir as a vocalist and pianist. After graduating, he attended Linfield College to pursue economics and music while also enjoying the opportunity to serve in athletics, student leadership, the music department, and as a peer advisor for new freshman. At Linfield he found his passion for fitness and business and has since learned to explore the many ways to combine his passions to support himself both personally and professionally.


Ehren’s musical journey began at five years old when he took his first piano lessons. He studied under a number of local musicians until middle school when his father took note of a special connection between Ehren and an adjudicator during a piano competition. “You probably won’t remember him”, his father’s email inquiry began, thus sparking the relationship between Ehren and Rhonda Rizzo. While studying under Rhonda, Ehren competed and won several OMTA competitions in the Romantic, Contemporary and Baroque divisions in addition to completing the OMTA level 10 syllabus. At 13, he gave the world premier of “Petite Phantasia” by David S. Bernstein at Portland Piano International.

Shortly after beginning lessons with Rhonda, he gave his self-accompanied vocal debut at the Sheridan Japanese School at a private event. After much positive feedback, he began studying jazz piano and vocals with Dana Libonati at McMinnville High School in addition to his classical studies. Ehren auditioned the following year as the pianist for the school’s jazz choir, later earning the role as pianist for the Twilighter’s, a nationally successful High School Vocal Jazz ensemble. This opportunity helped Ehren earn a place as headlining act at “Carlton’s ‘A Walk In the Park'” and his position as pianist for a community production of The Wiz.

In 2014, Ehren started school at Linfield College and continued his studies with Albert Kim. With Albert, Ehren refocused his efforts unto technique and artistry, shaping his passion for music through practice and repetition for personal success instead of the performance and competitive purposes from before. Ehren continued to accompany choirs and jazz ensembles at Linfield for the jazz band and Concert Choir before graduating in 2017.


University of Hartford, Barney School of Business: Ehren graduated in 2019 with his MBA. In school, he served as a graduate assistant for Christina Lapierre, the manager of the Barney Graduate School. He completed his degree in nine months while still having the opportunity to study abroad in Spain for his spring term before graduating. His coursework in finance was substantial, however his interest in business law has helped guide his personal work since graduation. In school, he was often assigned to help tutor students in Statistics, Leadership, and Project Management coursework.

Linfield College: Ehren graduated in 2017 with his Bachelor of Science in Economics and a minor in music. He was the youngest graduate from the college in three years, and the youngest member to serve on the Board of Trustees for the school. He participated in NCAA Division III Tennis and Swimming for his freshman year, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, and other recreational ensembles. He was asked to serve on committees to oversee the school’s budget, student life panel, decide the speaker for 2016 commencement, and was a driving force in the creation of student housing restructuring policy for upperclassmen. In his final year, he had the opportunity to work alongside Faun Tiedge as a student advisor where he guided new freshman through their first year of college.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer: Ehren passed his exam in March of 2018, earning his certifications a personal trainer. The ACE program is built on principles based on behavior change and functional movement. Ehren has continued his education with a variety of courses in program development and nutrition. In December 2019, Ehren earned is specialization in Fitness Nutrition. He is also currently licensed as a Zumba instructor and is pursuing education in barre instruction, behavior change, and health coaching.

Work Experience

Nordstrom: In 2016, Ehren took his first step into luxury fashion and high volume sales with his internship at Nordstrom in Clackamas Town Center. Just outside of Portland, OR, he worked in the men’s department, learning the agony of folding men’s dress shirts day in and day out while simultaneously practicing to guess the perfect sizing specifications for anyone who entered the store. He returned to school for the fall and returned for the holiday season, later transferring to the Salem Center location where he was promoted to Assistant Department Manager for the Kid’s department. At Salem, he created tools used in the department across the country to support the back-to-school selling experience and spent hours learning to merchandise and reorganize the shoe stock room. He has since leaned on the seasonal nature of the business to serve over the years since as a complement to time spent in education, local leadership, and entrepreneurship.

lululemon: Ehren fell in love with lululemon by accident in 2017 when he walked into the Queenstown store in New Zealand, finding that many of the designs he had created for his own brand launch were already being produced by an international athletic brand. In true “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” fashion, he found himself spending more time in his local stores until the summer of 2018 when he decided he would return to graduate school and interviewed for a seasonal position at Westfarms mall. The experience was extended with a promotion into the role of Key Leader.

McMinnville Chamber of Commerce: Lemonade Day Intern, Spring 2016

Courthouse Club Fitness: Personal Training Intern, Spring 2018

Academic Experience

  • Peer Advisor, Linfield College – Fall 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, Linfield College – Spring 2017
  • Vice President of the Associated Students of Linfield College – 2015-2016 Academic Year
  • Choir Tour Manager, Linfield College – 2016-2017 Academic Year
  • Trustee, Linfield College – 2015-2016 Academic Year
  • Tutor, University of Hartford – 2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Graduate Assistant, University of Hartford – 2018-2019 Academic Year