Working under designers, stylists, and retail professionals in a number of capacities, personal shopping and styling is a service now offered. Working with Nordstrom since 2016, Ehren Cahill is a featured stylist using StyleBoards and StyleLinks, two means of personal shopping through Nordstrom. With experience in nearly every department in store and access to a fast growing inventory, rebuilding a wardrobe or picking gifts for a loved one has never been easier.

You can access his general StyleLinks page here. On this link, you can get directly linked to receive personal recommendations and StyleBoards of your own. For news, promotions, and other information, check @ehren.air.out on Instagram for updates.

VIrtual Styling

Virtual styling appointments can be made any time to work through Zoom, FaceTime, or other means to begin as a new client. This appointment is free of charge for all individuals with no commitment necessary, available in 30 minute

Digital Shopping

After a virtual styling appointment, digital shopping is the best way to maintain or expand your wardrobe. If regular new outfits are preferred, replenishment is available as well as a number of services explained during an appointment.


Shop with Ehren in person at Nordstrom Westfarms by reaching out directly using the contact information, social media, or the direct line at the store. Appointments available nearly all days of the week.

Personal styling. Easier than you think.