Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is an important piece of our well-being, whether it means waking up early each morning to break a sweat or enjoying a mellow evening with your daily serving of fruits and veggies.

Ehren is passionate about health and fitness and uses his experience in human health and activity to engage and motivate others in a number of ways. In March 2018, he earned his certificate through the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and his license to teach Zumba worldwide. He is continuing his education within the field by taking courses to be certified as a nutrition specialist through the ACE specialization program.

Services are not currently available at this time.

Personal Training (In-Person)

  • In home personal training can be scheduled by phone or email. Equipment is not necessary for orientation, health screening, or general coaching.
  • Required equipment can be purchased directly in person or online by emailing

Online Coaching

  • Online or in-person health and fitness coaching is available for one-time consultations and also for weekly or monthly commitments. Appointments can be made for 30- or 60- minute sessions. Some programs may require additional charges for outside research or processing of consultation materials.
  • Coaching services will be personalized to the clients goals surrounding nutrition, training programs, injury recovery, and building a commitment to health and fitness
  • Complimentary consultations can be scheduled by email at


  • Ehren Cahill is a licensed Zumba instructor. He is available for hire as a substitute or scheduled instructor within the Hartford Metro Area. Please inquire about information surrounding one-time classes for your social or fundraising events as well.


  • Barre has emerged past the short lived trends in fitness to a solid exercise method for individuals across abilities and interests. Ehren is certified through TotalBarre, a program based in pilates methodology. The class is offered in two forms: first, as the textbook describes, assigning each song to a specific choreography with breaks in between; and second, a more aerobic structure set at 128 beats per minute with a more adaptive difficulty and choreography.