The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This site is currently intended to give both personal and professional information about my projects and accomplishments, however I have a few more things in mind for the coming future.

In Fitness: Now that school is over, I am beginning to restructure my own personal goals for fitness. I am running my first half marathon in June and training for my second half marathon in August. Additionally, I’m beginning to explore the possibility of training and competing in my first bodybuilding competition.

In Writing: I have dreamed for years of writing my own book, and in the works is a project called “Economics for Millennials”, a book written tongue-in-cheek reminiscing on my undergraduate coursework presenting economic theory in a playful and approachable manner. This long term project may be intertwined with another dream of teaching at the collegiate level.

In Media: YouTube and visual media is the platform of my generation and as these projects grow, I want to use video blogs and short videos to share what I know about health, fitness, professionalism, business, personal finances, and the aspiration to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

On this website: Keep an eye out for new blog posts and new resources available for people of all ages. I recently heard someone complain that after finishing high school, they felt unprepared to file taxes, create a personal budget, and commit to a healthy nutrition and fitness program. In the next few months my goal is to build a bank of resources and programs to help anyone feel a little more confident to deal with this important topics.

Thanks again for visiting this site. Like I said, there is a lot in the works, so stay tuned for updates and feel encouraged to submit requests and recommendations for projects or proposals for collaborations.

Until next time! – Ehren Cahill


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